Personal Delivery to Deeds Storage

Personal Delivery to Deeds Storage

Personal Delivery to Deeds Storage

Book a time to drop your deeds to our office in Lucan.

  1. Book a time slot that suits you
  2. We’ll send you an email detailing everything you’ll need for your consultation
  3. You’re all set

Once your deeds are stored there will be an annual fee per property of:

  • €39.99 for your home title deeds
  • €49.99 for investment or non-principal private residence deeds

How our Deed Storage Process Works

At Deeds Storage, we address all of your needs concerning your title deeds. We first check that you have a complete set of title deeds. We do not certify or guarantee your title, but we do check that fundamentally it is in order. That completed, we prepare a schedule (list) of all of your crucial title deed documents in a structured way.

To preserve these core deeds, we photocopy and scan. We send you a copy by post and email as part of our Deeds Storage service. We also save a copy to our INPUTE digital archive and store the originals for you.

Benefits or our Deed Storage Service

  1. Deeds checked
  2. Deeds scheduled (listed)
  3. Copy of core deeds sent to you by post
  4. Soft copy emailed to you
  5. Soft copy stored in our INPUTE digital archive
  6. No penalty or fee for early withdrawal