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€29.99 Per annum
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Storage of your Title Deeds


and checked


by email and in person

Prices start from: €29.99 per annum

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What we do?

  • The original Deeds are safely delivered to us ( by courier, registered post or in person)
  • The Deeds are checked
  • A Schedule is drawn up - a list of the inventory
  • The Deeds are scanned and stored
  • A copy of the Deeds are returned to you in a folder
  • A copy can be emailed to you on request
  • Deeds are stored in a safe and secure Deeds storeroom
  • Deeds can be collected or returned to you at any time

The services we provide are:

  • Safe storage of Deeds
  • Verification and schedule of Deeds
  • Deeds scanned and scanned copy returned to you in folder
  • Personal access to your Deeds (during office hours)
  • Collection or delivery of your Deeds if required ( at extra charge)
  • Collection available in Dublin area for €50

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Yes you can store a will with your deeds at no extra cost.
We offer annual prices of €29.99 for a single property, 2 properties for €45 and 3 properties for €55. Each additional property is €10.
There are various acceptable delivery methods - by hand to our premises in Lucan, Dublin; by courier; by registered post or we can collect in Dublin area for €50.
All payments will be made by Direct Debit.
A copy of your deeds will be sent to you shortly after they are delivered to Deeds Storage, at any time you can request an email copy and during office hours you or an authorised person can visit and see or collect them.
We have security cameras and 24/7 central alarm monitoring. The Deeds storage room is made of concrete and sealed with steel shutters. We will not, in any circumstances, share your personal information with other individuals or organisations. Your personal information and any other information you provide are held in strict confidence.